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No need to setup:

Over 40 hours and countless headaches saved on every project!


I took care of the heavy lifting so you can get to the 💸 quicker!

Register and login users, process payments, send emails, and handle support with ease. Spend less time on the mundane work and more time building your offering. Sveltepack gives you a dead simple (but tastefully styled) boilerplate to launch faster and test your ideas.

  • Email registration and login
  • Forget password utility
  • Manage authentication state and protect routes
  • Ability to use multiple auth providers
  • 10 hours saved

With Supabase


Hey, I'm Rahul! Marc Louvion Shipfast

I'm an indie hacker with a 9-5 and I have a confession, it's not easy.

With limited time and too many commitments (personal health, job, family, friends, relationships) I found myself taking too long to test out my ideas. This stunted my ability to fail fast and forwards as I was spending months to launch my MVPs.

Countless hours were spent doing the same mundane things over and over again for every single venture. Authentication, Payments, Styling, Emails, Support... you get the idea. This led me to build Sveltepack, a boilerplate that takes care of the mudane things so we can all ship fast!

My goals for this project are the following:

  1. 1. Save time by eliminating repetitive work when launching new projects
  2. 2. Minimize stress by meeting your internal deadlines
  3. 3. Get profitable fast by launching more often and iterating quicker than before

Don't reinvent the wheel, ship fast and get paid!

Currently $100 off!


$249 $149 USD

  • SvelteKit Boilerplate
  • Authentication & Database Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Email & Support Integration
  • Hotswap Styling
  • Hosting Tutorial
  • SEO & Blogs
  • Components, Animations & Sections
  • Documentation
  • Lifetime Updates

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